Salisbury Toothache

Salisbury Toothache

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Common causes of toothaches in Salisbury

If you have a toothache, you have our sympathy. But you need more than just that. You need relief. At Dental House, we are dedicated to providing it promptly. And the more you know about the common causes of toothaches, the better prepared you are to both prevent one and to act on it immediately.

Maybe you just have a cavity. Or an existing filling may have come loose or fallen out. If so, that is a simple Salisbury toothache to address. Our dentist will put in a new or replacement filling. Chipped or cracked teeth are also fairly typical, and here the answer is a dental crown to cover the breach in the protective barrier of your tooth. What is most alarming, though, is that once your enamel and dentin layers have been compromised, there is a path for bacteria to make its way inside. The outcome of that is an infection of the delicate pulp located at the base of your tooth, right next to the nerve. The pain then is often considerably more acute. And to alleviate that Salisbury toothache, our dentist needs to perform the non-surgical procedure known as root canal therapy. Thanks to advancements in techniques and equipment, it’s nothing to worry about. In fact, most patients say they felt very little discomfort, or even none at all. Even so, it’s a treatment that you would prefer to avoid if at all possible. And the sooner you seek treatment for tooth pain, the less likely it will be to reach that point. By waiting, you may risk losing the tooth entirely.

We urge you to not ignore or put off a Salisbury toothache. They exist for a reason, which is to alert you to a problem. So contact our office and we will have you seen for examination and treatment in a timely manner.

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