Salisbury root canal

Salisbury Root Canal

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Root canal in Salisbury

Salisbury root canal
Salisbury root canal

Root canals are not the most pleasant dental procedure to get and no one looks forward to them, however, sometimes they are necessary. If you are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms such as persistent tooth pain, sensitivity to hot and cold, tenderness and/or swelling in the gums near where the tooth pain is, it’s possible that you could need a Salisbury root canal.

Root canal therapy, which is also commonly known as a Salisbury root canal, is a dental procedure that’s performed by an experienced dentist like ours at A Dental House to correct a pulp disorder. A root canal is usually the best method of resolving a pulp disorder while saving the patient’s natural tooth. The pulp is extremely important and it’s critical that it remains healthy. The pulp, which is located in the center of the tooth (the root canals), contains all of the vital parts necessary for the tooth to thrive. The blood vessels, connective tissues and the nerves are all located in the pulp. When the pulp becomes damaged or diseased, a root canal must be performed. If it is not, the infection of the pulp will spread to the bone that surrounds the tooth which will result in serious health problems. When this happens. The infected bone won’t be able to hold the tooth in place anymore because of the weakened state that’s caused by the infection. In this scenario, an extraction would be necessary unless a root canal is done. An experienced dentist like ours at A Dental House would do the root canal procedure to try to save the tooth. This is the only alternative to an extraction. During the procedure, the dentist will remove the diseased pulp, will completely clean the canal and will seal it.

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