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Westcliff dentist

Dental House is a Westcliff dentist offering patients a unique range of services. We are open Monday through Friday, with Friday by appointment only. Our services include mini-implants, dentures, crowns and caps, Zoom whitening and veneers. Our Westcliff dentist, Dr. Janak Patel, has been placing mini-implants since 2003 and was one of the first dentists to offer this kind of procedure.

Westcliff dentist

One of our services is to perform emergency tooth extractions as needed. There are many reasons a patient may need to have their teeth extracted. Most usually, extractions are done when there is extreme tooth decay or a wisdom tooth is impacted. A toothache usually signals that there is a problem within the tooth that needs to be fixed and can be highly painful. Toothaches can also be the cause of wisdom teeth growing in. In the event that the wisdom teeth become impacted, the patient may experience pain and swelling. If the wisdom teeth is not removed, an abscess or infection can set in. Some wisdom teeth erupt and stay healthy, and may not need to be removed. If the wisdom teeth erupt only partially, bacteria and infection can form. It is sometimes better to have the teeth removed ahead of time and before any issues happen that would require the need for emergency dental care by our Westcliff dentist.

Our Westcliff dentist can also place mini implants for patients who need them. Mini implants have minimal recovery time and feel little to no discomfort within 24 hours of placing the implants. The cost of a mini implant is also much lower than a traditional implant. They can be used to hold dentures in place and allow the patient to chew easier and without any denture adhesive. For more information, contact Dr. Patel for a complimentary consultation.